Instagram photo and story for a taco restaurant


  • As a huge driver of potential customers, Instagram is as important as your own website, so keep it beautiful and updated regularly.

  • Be clear and creative in your bio, but don’t write too much — let the pictures do the talking.

  • Create a business account to get access to analytics, data and ad campaign tools, and options for how customers can contact you.

  • Be consistent in your aesthetic. Choose a theme, seasonally or quarterly, and keep it consistent across your posts.

  • Use a third-party Instagram grid app to make sure your posts look great together.

TikTok video of a veggie burger and comments section


  • Engage with your TikTok community. Reply to comments, direct messages, and connect with followers.

  • Take part in trends. Participate in duets, stitch videos, or engage with other creators’ content. Join in on popular challenges that align with your restaurant’s brand but add your unique twist.

  • Use relevant hashtags. Like Instagram, hashtags can increase visibility, but they may be specific to each platform, so do your research.

  • Leverage TikTok ads and promote your restaurant to specific target audiences. This could be in-feed ads, branded hashtags, and branded effects.

Facebook post promoting a restaurant special event


Facebook is a great place to target a slightly older market.


  • You don’t need to post as often as Instagram, but should still maintain a good schedule. Once a week is perfectly fine.

  • Create a business account. You can then add your location and contact info, along with links to your website and online ordering. It also gives you the ability to buy paid media, and track campaigns.

  • Encourage reviews and testimonials — these are crucial on Facebook for building trust and credibility. Respond to their feedback, positive or negative, in a timely and professional manner.

  • Use Facebook Events for special occasions, themed events, live performances, or exclusive promotions. Invite your followers, get them to share the event, and create eye-catching visuals and persuasive descriptions to generate interest and bolster attendance.

Twitter post promoting a restaurant special event and customer re-tweeting


Monitor mentions and reply promptly. Be professional and on-brand. Answer questions, quote retweet to highlight user-generated content, engage in conversations, and thank users for positive feedback.


  • Promote and announce exclusive events, promotions, and limited-time menus with clear call-to-actions to your website or the offer.

  • Engage in conversations related to food, dining, and local events. Share insights, add value, and be helpful.

  • Hashtags, hashtags, and more hashtags. Like other channels, use branded or relevant hashtags to boost your content’s reach, like #DineAtYourRestaurantName, or #SustainableFood.

  • Use compelling and high-quality visuals. Consider using videos and GIFs to make tweets more engaging.

  • Twitter Lists can help manage your followers. If there are people you really want eyes on, you can add their accounts to a Twitter list for better visibility.

  • Tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck can set up and easily manage tweets from your list. Get a snapshot of what users are talking about and stay in touch with followers in an organized manner.